Windows OS – OEM Reimaging Rights – Licensing and Techie Update

I thought it would be good to post this exchange on OEM Licensing as we have made some changes to the rules for our partners and also its a very common question that we get through the call centres, I have tried to give the complete picture, licensing and technology as they are so synergised these days its good to see the full story –

Let me start with what you can do with a Windows OEM License:
• You can work with an OEM to create an Custom Factory Image (CFI): the OEM can create an Image from their OEM toolkit and then use their Software Factory Integration service to install onto all your PCs at their factory prior to delivery. This type of reimaging service is available on most OEM business PCs and/or royalty OEMs – e.g. PCs installed with Windows 7 Professional.
• This can be done without any need for a Volume License for Windows.

If you also have a Volume License, there is more flexibility:
• The Volume License for Windows is an Upgrade License – for use on top of the OEM License (usually Windows Professional pre-installed).
• With a VL Windows License you can customize the image yourself or ask the OEM to customize to your specification. The OEM still supplies you with a PC that has the underlying OEM License attached to the PC (this is shown by the “Certificate of Authenticity” (COA) label on the back of a desktop PC or bottom of a laptop.
• Customers can take advantage of customizing Windows Enterprise Edition if they have Software Assurance – which offers more features than Windows Professional (such as disk drive encryption – BitLocker).
• Reimaging rights are granted to all Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) customers as part of the license agreement(s), customers may reimage OEM Operating systems by using the media provided under their VL agreement, such as EA or Select Plus/Select.

You can reimage an OEM Operating system with VL bits as long as you meet the criteria set out in the brief attached – posted – HERE

Note that there are no reimaging rights for OEM Office unless there is Software Assurance on the PC.

In addition you can find good  Windows product licensing information on this section of

Plus there is also a VL Brief regarding Windows re-imaging rights HERE, and a detailed technical/licensing whitepaper on the points above on HERE


Select Plus – Some Changes………….


So, I covered Select Plus Agreement quite a while back when we first launched the program, full article on HERE

Short recap below

Select Plus is the new program launching in the UK on October 1st 2008,  its a new offering designed for customers in the 250PC space who want:

  • Single, company-wide purchasing agreement and pricing,
  • Central reporting, SA and license management,
  • No agreement expiration,
  • Renewal and Automatic tiered discounting based on company-wide purchase volume with no forecasting
  • An Increase in value of SA by eliminating impact of purchasing timing, pro-ration

Since launch we have been gaining momentum with customers moving and renewing from Select to Select Plus, the fact that the agreement is perpetual and doesn’t end seems to be a winner for a lot of folks who don’t enjoy the paperwork every 3yrs, we did run into some feedback around the upfront point minimums, so as of 16th Aug 2010, the INITIAL 500 point requirement for new Select Plus Agreements is waived

Now that the initial 500 point requirement is waived, you have up to 12 months to reach the 500 point min in each pool to remain active

When you sign up to a Select Plus Agreement all your pools will open up at least to Level A, the more you buy the better price level you get and we adjust this automatically which means you get the better price at order

What if I have a Select Agreement, can I renew into Select Plus?

Yes, and the Price level for the new Select Plus becomes the same price level as the old Select Agreement Note: As a bonus any pools not activated on the Select Agreement become active on Select Plus at Level A

What happens if I don’t meet the 500 points per pool?

If you don’t meet the 500 points over the 12month period then you go on hold, you would need to place an order for 500 points or more to get off hold onto Level A again.

Update – Extension to Open Value Subscription Up to Date Discount



Starting Jan 1st 2010, we will run a promotion for our SMB customers both commerical and government to extend theOpen Value Subscription Up to Date <UTD> to N-2 products up until 30th June 2010


In addition to the up-to-date discount of up to 50 percent savings on the first annual payment for estimated retail prices of existing desktop platform product licenses of the current (N) version (Office Professional 2007, Office Professional Plus 2007, Office Small Business 2007, Office Standard 2007, and Windows 7 Professional) or previous (N-1) version (Office Professional 2003, Office Small Business 2003, Office Standard 2003, and Windows Vista Business)

Customers who sign a new Open Value Subscription or Open Value Subscription for Government agreement will also receive the up-to-date discount on N-2 versions of existing desktop platform licenses (Office Professional XP, Office Small Business XP, Office Standard XP, and Window XP Professional).


Products Included in promotion

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, and the Windows 7 Professional operating system  


Open Value includes Software Assurance and is a non-perpetual offering 


Little bit of info on Software Assurance

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing provides upgrades, new versions of software, and technical support to customers. Software Assurance benefits vary with each Volume Licensing program. In addition, server licenses come with benefits that are different from those for desktop licenses. Software Assurance is included for every license acquired through Open Value Subscription and Open Value Subscription for Government.  


Make sure you meet the eligibility Requirements

Customers who sign a new Open Value Subscription or Open Value Subscription for Government agreement and have an existing license for one of the following products:

Microsoft Office Professional 2003 (N-1)

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Professional XP (N-2)

Microsoft Office Small Business 2003 (N-1)

Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Small Business XP (N-2)

Microsoft Office Standard 2003 (N-1)

Microsoft Office Standard 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Standard XP (N-2)

Windows 7 Professional (N)

Windows Vista Business operating system (N-1)

Windows XP Professional operating system (N-2)



And remember:

Every 2007 Microsoft Office system license covered by Software Assurance includes rights to the same edition of Microsoft Office 2010 upon its release. 

Windows 7 availability on Employee Purchase Program – EPP


Firstly, an apology for the lack of blog posts, I have been recovering from a nasty bout of flu!!!!!

Secondly, a BIG shout out to all the people who came to my session<s> yes, 2, 🙂 at TechED Berlin, I got to meet a lot of you there and hopefully you had as much fun as me the feedback was really good and positive and I know a lot of you are secretly converted when it comes to licensing…..hehe

Thirdly, I will get to the point soon, thank you to ALL the partners who attended the UK Partner Roadshow last week, the feedback was excellent, and the copies of Win 7 I promised you will be arriving soon………….

Now, to some really really good news for our Software Assurance customers, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate will soon be available to purchase at a discount via the EPP

What will be available via EPP:
•         Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate
•         Both full SKU and upgrade SKU

Availability – the products are being processed through operations and are expected to become available on the EPP ordering system during December, so get ordering………….


Next time………………a first look at SQL Server R2 SKU and Licensing

New Enrolment for Enterprise Agreement Customers – Enrolment for Application Platform – EAP

Part 2 focuses on EAP, also due for launch on Oct 1st 2009 and also available to customers with new or existing Enterprise Agreements

What is EAP?

The Microsoft Application Platform is an integrated and interoperable set of mission-critical server infrastructure, applications, and tools that help organizations to reduce operations costs, improve business flexibility, and increase productivity for all—developers, users, and administrators.

The Enrolment for Application Platform is for customers that want to simplify licensing, reduce costs, accelerate deployment, and manage their application platform more efficiently. The EAP is the most flexible and cost-efficient way for customers to adopt and standardize on the Application Platform.

Customers can license all or any one of the included products, Software Assurance is an integral part of both EAP and ECI

EAP is NOT just SQL!

What is available in EAP?

Benefits of EAP

  • Standardization made affordable
      • Low upfront costs so that you can take advantage of the latest product innovations
  • Savings on new deployments of up to 40% on license costs
      • Rapidly adopt the latest technology
  • Helps increase IT productivity with Unlimited Problem Resolution Support for eligible customers
      • Unlimited deployment rights for the Application Platform products across your entire organization
  • Flexible purchasing model
      • Licensing models that meet your purchasing needs
      • Predictable costs with fixed payments for life of the term with the 3-Year True up model

Steps to EAP

Note: You can use existing licenses from Volume Licensing, OEM or ISV on intial baseline/footprint

Contact your Microsoft Partner for more details

New Enrolment for Enterprise Agreement Customers – Enrolment for Core Infrastructure – ECI

On Oct 1st we will launch 2 new Enrolments for our Enterprise Agreement customers

  • EAP – Enrolment for Application Platform
  • ECI –  Enrolment for Core Infrastructure


I want to cover off ECI in this piece, then I will cover EAP


What is ECI?

The Enrolment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) is an enrolment within the Enterprise Agreement that enables the purchase of the Infrastructure Server Suites, in essence it is a server “bundle” containing management, OSE and Security as 1 offering, licensed on a per processor basis*

The enrolment has a 3-year term with Software Assurance built in, with flexible payment options


Suites available in ECI


  • The Standard edition allows you to run and manage up to one OSE
  • The Enterprise edition lets you run, manage, and secure up to 4 OSEs on a 2-processor box
  • The Datacenter edition allows you to do the same for an unlimited number of OSEs on a 2+ processor box


With the Infrastructure Server Suites, you are allowed to a) match your existing deployment to the offering and b) to adapt over time (e.g. as you increase your levels of virtualization), you will be able to migrate from existing standalone SKUs using special ECI SKUs from Nov 1st


Simplified Licensing

These offerings are sold per-processor so as to simplify licensing across your datacenter, *note that the licensing does not change for Windows Server, you still require Windows Client Access Licenses <CALs> either through Core CAL, Enterprise CAL Suite or standalone


Is ECI suitable for you?

Check List


Note: You do not need to have a Desktop Enrolment in place under the EA to be eligible for ECI, you only need to sign an Enterprise Agreement

Note: The cost savings over purchasing the standalone products ranges from 13% to 29%.

Note: Min Proc count is 100 mixed or 40 DC Procs


Contact your partner for more info on this offering

Some Great new Volume Licensing Resources


Sales Guides for SMB


Open Value value proposition Introduction

This agreement is ideal for organisations with up to 750 PCs allowing for natural growth without the organisation needing to change agreement or partner.


Open Licence value proposition Introduction

This two year agreement simplifies budgeting by fixing the price banding of licences, for the duration of the agreement term, from the initial date of the sale.


Open Value Subscription value proposition Introduction

This three year agreement enables companies with up to 750 PCs to rent Microsoft Software creating one of the most flexible licensing options available.


Sales Guides for LORG


Enterprise Agreement Introduction

This three year agreement is ideal for organisations with more than 250 PCs. It provides customers with the right to use the version of Microsoft software they buy forever and allows the structuring of payments by month, quarter, on a bi-annual basis or to a customised timeframe.


Select Licence Introduction

This three year agreement is ideal for organisations with more than 250 PCs and features fixed price bandings based on what organisations forecast they will buy over the term of the agreement.


Enterprise Subscription Agreement Introduction

This three year agreement is perfect for organisations with more than 250 PCs. It provides a very flexible licensing option allowing organisations to rent Microsoft Software.


Select Plus Introduction

A Select Plus agreement is ideal for organisations with more than 250 PCs, the agreement lasts forever and the licences organisations buy through a Select Plus agreement are theirs forever.