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  1. Dear Lady Licensing,

    Hi… I’m so glad I found your site.. feel so relief, found someone to ask for help ^_^

    We bought 2 licenses of Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard Edition and already activated one of it for our production server. We split our production environment off from our development and testing environments. Just don’t want to waste the license for unnecessary purpose, because actually we’ve plan to have another production server. And so I research about Windows server licensing.
    After doing some research and involved a lot of reading the license agreement and Microsoft Documentation about licensing, it wasn’t clear to me whether or not, we need to buy license for development/testing/training environment, I mean the license like we used in production server, do we need to buy it?
    Please kindly enlighten me.
    Really thank you so much in advance.

    Best Regards,

  2. I have question regarding purchasing SA for OEM hardware that comes with Windows 7 Professional COA. can it be done?

    I already have an OPen Charity agreement and we are looking at purchasing a large amount of small form factor PC’s. All will have windows 7 COA with it.

  3. Very helpful site, thank you! I was wondering if you might know something about Windows OS licensing? I just started at a company where, for what I think is a incorrect reason, is using 2008R2 Datacenter edition as the standard OS for all virtual servers. The license agreement with Microsoft is Select or maybe Select Plus, I am not positive but I know it is not the Enterprise license. They believe that they can ran all the Datacenter virtual machines they want under the license, but the hosts for the virtual machines are running VMWare. I am thinking that the DC license covers VMs running on the DC server, and if we spin up a bunch of individual VM’s running Datacenter edition versus Enterprise or Standard that the DC licenses cost more than Enterprise or Standard licenses where those will do on certain servers. Does the DC version cost significantly more than the other versions? We aren’t using lots of CPU’s or memory, so DC is wasted on that account.Thank you!!

  4. Hi, Great site. Quick question if I may. We’re moving our BizTalk 2004 installations over to 2009 installations under SA. What’s the cutover period allowed for both installations to be running? Thanks, Paul.

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