Select Plus – Some Changes………….


So, I covered Select Plus Agreement quite a while back when we first launched the program, full article on HERE

Short recap below

Select Plus is the new program launching in the UK on October 1st 2008,  its a new offering designed for customers in the 250PC space who want:

  • Single, company-wide purchasing agreement and pricing,
  • Central reporting, SA and license management,
  • No agreement expiration,
  • Renewal and Automatic tiered discounting based on company-wide purchase volume with no forecasting
  • An Increase in value of SA by eliminating impact of purchasing timing, pro-ration

Since launch we have been gaining momentum with customers moving and renewing from Select to Select Plus, the fact that the agreement is perpetual and doesn’t end seems to be a winner for a lot of folks who don’t enjoy the paperwork every 3yrs, we did run into some feedback around the upfront point minimums, so as of 16th Aug 2010, the INITIAL 500 point requirement for new Select Plus Agreements is waived

Now that the initial 500 point requirement is waived, you have up to 12 months to reach the 500 point min in each pool to remain active

When you sign up to a Select Plus Agreement all your pools will open up at least to Level A, the more you buy the better price level you get and we adjust this automatically which means you get the better price at order

What if I have a Select Agreement, can I renew into Select Plus?

Yes, and the Price level for the new Select Plus becomes the same price level as the old Select Agreement Note: As a bonus any pools not activated on the Select Agreement become active on Select Plus at Level A

What happens if I don’t meet the 500 points per pool?

If you don’t meet the 500 points over the 12month period then you go on hold, you would need to place an order for 500 points or more to get off hold onto Level A again.


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