LadyLicensing is back – More Focus


Well guys I have finally reached my USA destination and started my new role in World Wide Licensing, this role puts me at the heart of Program/Product Licensing readiness from a global prospective so in that respect its time for me to offer a clear focus on the blog

Firstly blog posts will continue and also “up to date” & “hot off the press” info will still be posted, but, I will also focus on the comments and requests I get directly from you guys and take those comments and that feedback to the people who make the changes :-), then make sure we do some clear signposting so you can find the content you need and at the right time, this will also be a major consideration for me

The first query I want to cover is from Sebastien and its a common one that most people ask for clarity on……………….

Edited for general consumption!

I’m working in a IT company and we recently hired a new employee.
We talked about licensing and I have a different understanding about CAL calculations.
Would you help me to win the bet-of-my-life ?


Here is the context:
A user needs to access 4 different Windows 2008 R2 servers within the our domain.
1x Standard edition, let’s say for an Active Directory server
2x Enterprise edition servers, setup as a cluster
1x Datacenter Edition, for an Hyper-V.


Do I need to Buy?
Answer A: 1 Windows server CAL
Answer B : 3 Windows Server CALs, one per Server edition


The answer is….

Windows Server CALs are just Windows CALs, they are not edition specific, so you cannot buy Windows DC CALs, they are only version specific.

You can use 1x Windows CAL xxx Version, licensed per User or per Device to connect to ANY server within you or your legal affiliates domain

The CAL needs to be equal or higher in Version to the Server it is accessing, so you cannot use a Windows 2003 CAL to access a Windows 2008 Server, but you can use a Windows 2008 Server CAL to access a Windows 2003 Server


Were to find this info on MS.Com

This info is posted within the PUR as below under “Servers”

Servers – Operating Systems – server license + CAL + optional external connector



  1. Nice to have you back, Emma. So you know, in my search yours is the only blog of its kind, which probably isn\’t that surprising considering most Licensing Specialists in my experience are… well… frankly paranoid about ever putting anything in writing. (And probably rightly so) With Microsoft getting more focused on working & directly engaging with Procurement Officers and the like, your blog will likely become even more important over the upcoming decade.BTW: Were you planning on posting anything about: – the announced discontinuation of EPP? – the recent changes to VECD licensing for SA? – the availability of App-V for RDS for TS CALs on SA? – the Opalis licensing grant to SMS/E & SMS/D volume licensees?

  2. Hi KurtThanks for your comments and to your point i plan to cover 1,2 and 4 in the next few posts, App V I have covered in a previous post, anything else you feel is missing absolutley let me know, I also plan to cover SQL 2008 R2 licensing CheersEmma

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