Update – Extension to Open Value Subscription Up to Date Discount



Starting Jan 1st 2010, we will run a promotion for our SMB customers both commerical and government to extend theOpen Value Subscription Up to Date <UTD> to N-2 products up until 30th June 2010


In addition to the up-to-date discount of up to 50 percent savings on the first annual payment for estimated retail prices of existing desktop platform product licenses of the current (N) version (Office Professional 2007, Office Professional Plus 2007, Office Small Business 2007, Office Standard 2007, and Windows 7 Professional) or previous (N-1) version (Office Professional 2003, Office Small Business 2003, Office Standard 2003, and Windows Vista Business)

Customers who sign a new Open Value Subscription or Open Value Subscription for Government agreement will also receive the up-to-date discount on N-2 versions of existing desktop platform licenses (Office Professional XP, Office Small Business XP, Office Standard XP, and Window XP Professional).


Products Included in promotion

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, and the Windows 7 Professional operating system  


Open Value includes Software Assurance and is a non-perpetual offering 


Little bit of info on Software Assurance

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing provides upgrades, new versions of software, and technical support to customers. Software Assurance benefits vary with each Volume Licensing program. In addition, server licenses come with benefits that are different from those for desktop licenses. Software Assurance is included for every license acquired through Open Value Subscription and Open Value Subscription for Government.  


Make sure you meet the eligibility Requirements

Customers who sign a new Open Value Subscription or Open Value Subscription for Government agreement and have an existing license for one of the following products:

Microsoft Office Professional 2003 (N-1)

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Professional XP (N-2)

Microsoft Office Small Business 2003 (N-1)

Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Small Business XP (N-2)

Microsoft Office Standard 2003 (N-1)

Microsoft Office Standard 2007 (N)

Microsoft Office Standard XP (N-2)

Windows 7 Professional (N)

Windows Vista Business operating system (N-1)

Windows XP Professional operating system (N-2)



And remember:

Every 2007 Microsoft Office system license covered by Software Assurance includes rights to the same edition of Microsoft Office 2010 upon its release. 



  1. Hi MagnusYes, Pro or Std can be used as a qualifer for the Office SBE You can find more info in the Jan Product List, as belowMicrosoft® Office Small Business Edition 2007 UTD  Office 2007 Small Business Edition (or Professional/Standard Edition) Office 2003 Small Business Edition (or Professional/Standard Edition) Office XP Small Business Edition (or Professional/Standard Edition)CheersEmma

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