Issues with Volume Licensing Service Centre – RESOLVED

The problems on the backend tool appear to be resolved…………..!!!
You should be able to log in, download product and retrieve your VL product keys


  1. Hi GraemeYou need to check your ID/Permissions, if you go to Help then FAQs all the details are listed, also check the below FAQHow do I add Licensing IDs to my Relationship Summary? For each Licensing ID that you would like to be added to your Relationship Summary, you must request that the Licensing Info or Administrator permission role be added to your permission set. To make such a request, please complete and submit the form on the Request Permissions page. All Administrators of the Licensing ID you indicate will be notified by e-mail of your request. As of this latest release of VLSC, this process applies to all Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. CheersEmma

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