Does my Product need a Key and were do I get it?


I am getting more and more questions come through on Product Keys, were do I get them, what products need a key etc etc

First off, we should try not to confuse Volume Licensing Product Activation <only for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008> with Product Keys, VA 2.0 is a new initiative in VL and more info can be found HERE, VA 1.0 is used to install the product

So to start at the beginning

If you buy your product through OEM or FPP then it comes with a Key either on the side of the unit or on the DVD/CD, this is the key you use to install the product – be aware that OEMs will pre-install and normally pre-activate, if you need to re-install the product key is provided on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) sticker on your PC

If you buy your product via any Volume Licensing Agreement, see FAQ list for more info, the need for a Key will come down to the actual Product itself, as an example, Office Pro Plus 2007 needs a VL Key, SQL 2005 does not


You can find a full list of Volume Licensing Products that require a VLK on HERE

Note: Not listed, then its Pre-PID on the media and no key is required


What to do if your product needs a key?

The Volume Licensing Keys <VLKs> are located on either VLSC or eOpen and called VA 1.0 or VA 2.0, the link you go to will depend on the agreement you purchased the products under, only Open Agreements go to eOpen, all other agreements to VLSC, the Keys are customer and agreement specific, so the keys belong to you and your legal affiliates and should not be shared with anyone outside of your organisation, you could be liable for misuse

Volume License Product Keys – VLSC

License Key
Key Type
Visio Enterprise Network Tools
VA 1.0
Office 2000
VA 1.0
Office XP Suites
VA 1.0
Office 2003 Applications
VA 1.0
Windows Server 2008
VA 2.0
Windows 7 Professional
VA 2.0
Office 2003 Suites
VA 1.0
Office XP Applications
VA 1.0


The keys need to be used in conjunction with the correct VL Media, you can order this via a Partner, use the Welcome Kit or download via the VLSC/eOpen websites – this is sometimes were things go wrong, if you use the wrong media with the correct key you will get an error message



How Do I Get a Volume License Key?

Program-specific instructions on how to obtain your VLK or OSK are available on the following Web pages:

Select / Select Plus and Enterprise customers
Open Value Subscription (OVS) customers
Open License customers
Campus and School Agreement customers
Application Service Provider customers
Independent Software Vendor customers
MSDN purchased under Select or Open License
All other Volume Licensing programs

Program-specific instructions on how to obtain your VLK or OSK are available on the following Web pages for customers who speak Russian, Ukrainian, and Simplified Chinese:

Russian and Ukrainian language Open License customers
Simplified Chinese language Open License customers
Russian and Ukrainian language Select customers
Russian and Ukrainian language OSL customers


What if I Can’t Find My Volume License or Online Services Keys?

If you are unable to obtain your VLK and OSK, call the Microsoft Activation Center for your country or region. You will need to provide your Volume License agreement information and proof of purchase when you call.

Customers in the UK                                      0800 0188 354
International customers: Find the telephone number for your country or region

Note These telephone numbers are for Volume License Keys only.



Essential Business Server and Small Business Server key info HERE


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