New Enrolment for Enterprise Agreement Customers – Enrolment for Application Platform – EAP

Part 2 focuses on EAP, also due for launch on Oct 1st 2009 and also available to customers with new or existing Enterprise Agreements

What is EAP?

The Microsoft Application Platform is an integrated and interoperable set of mission-critical server infrastructure, applications, and tools that help organizations to reduce operations costs, improve business flexibility, and increase productivity for all—developers, users, and administrators.

The Enrolment for Application Platform is for customers that want to simplify licensing, reduce costs, accelerate deployment, and manage their application platform more efficiently. The EAP is the most flexible and cost-efficient way for customers to adopt and standardize on the Application Platform.

Customers can license all or any one of the included products, Software Assurance is an integral part of both EAP and ECI

EAP is NOT just SQL!

What is available in EAP?

Benefits of EAP

  • Standardization made affordable
      • Low upfront costs so that you can take advantage of the latest product innovations
  • Savings on new deployments of up to 40% on license costs
      • Rapidly adopt the latest technology
  • Helps increase IT productivity with Unlimited Problem Resolution Support for eligible customers
      • Unlimited deployment rights for the Application Platform products across your entire organization
  • Flexible purchasing model
      • Licensing models that meet your purchasing needs
      • Predictable costs with fixed payments for life of the term with the 3-Year True up model

Steps to EAP

Note: You can use existing licenses from Volume Licensing, OEM or ISV on intial baseline/footprint

Contact your Microsoft Partner for more details


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