New Enrolment for Enterprise Agreement Customers – Enrolment for Core Infrastructure – ECI

On Oct 1st we will launch 2 new Enrolments for our Enterprise Agreement customers

  • EAP – Enrolment for Application Platform
  • ECI –  Enrolment for Core Infrastructure


I want to cover off ECI in this piece, then I will cover EAP


What is ECI?

The Enrolment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) is an enrolment within the Enterprise Agreement that enables the purchase of the Infrastructure Server Suites, in essence it is a server “bundle” containing management, OSE and Security as 1 offering, licensed on a per processor basis*

The enrolment has a 3-year term with Software Assurance built in, with flexible payment options


Suites available in ECI


  • The Standard edition allows you to run and manage up to one OSE
  • The Enterprise edition lets you run, manage, and secure up to 4 OSEs on a 2-processor box
  • The Datacenter edition allows you to do the same for an unlimited number of OSEs on a 2+ processor box


With the Infrastructure Server Suites, you are allowed to a) match your existing deployment to the offering and b) to adapt over time (e.g. as you increase your levels of virtualization), you will be able to migrate from existing standalone SKUs using special ECI SKUs from Nov 1st


Simplified Licensing

These offerings are sold per-processor so as to simplify licensing across your datacenter, *note that the licensing does not change for Windows Server, you still require Windows Client Access Licenses <CALs> either through Core CAL, Enterprise CAL Suite or standalone


Is ECI suitable for you?

Check List


Note: You do not need to have a Desktop Enrolment in place under the EA to be eligible for ECI, you only need to sign an Enterprise Agreement

Note: The cost savings over purchasing the standalone products ranges from 13% to 29%.

Note: Min Proc count is 100 mixed or 40 DC Procs


Contact your partner for more info on this offering



  1. Hi AdamFor customers with Windows Server + System Center Suite all with SA, from Nov 1st we will have SA-Only transistion SKUs to go straight to ECI Suite on SA only, on renewal is the best time to use this SKU, but, we will have mid term options alsoKey thing to keep in mind will be that it will be matching Example: Windows Server EE + SA and SMSE = ECI Enterprise SA only SKUYou could then "Step-Up" to ECI Datacenter if necessary, We have accounted for the SMSE to SMSD transistions from July and will soon make a calculator availableHope this helpsEmma

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