Introducing Rental Right SKUs for Windows Vista Business/XP and Office in Volume Licensing



Tens of millions of PCs are currently being rented to end users under various business models, ranging from short-term rentals (such as internet cafés and airport kiosks) to complex multi-year leases by outsourcers and holding companies renting to enterprise customers. 

Currently the only way these companies may legally rent PCs to customers is through the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).

Windows, Office, Publisher licenses acquired through other channels—including Microsoft Volume Licensing, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Full-Packaged Product (FPP)—do not permit renting, leasing, or loaning the software to a third party.

Further, the business and pricing model of SPLA does not offer an optimal solution for many of these companies, because SPLA:

  • Is a specialized subscription program designed for large scale service providers
  • Is based on a monthly reporting and payment schedule

For rental business owners who currently rent/lease Windows and Office software loaded on rented PCs to end customers, the Rental Rights SKUs provide a simple, one-time licensing solution that is affordable so they can run their businesses in compliance with Microsoft Volume Licensing rules. When a company acquires Rental Rights licenses for a PC that will be rented to an end user on a long- or short-term basis, the end user of that PC is permitted to use Windows Vista Business or Windows XP. The rental company can also choose to license Office Standard 2007, Office Professional Plus 2007, and/or Publisher 2007 on those PCs for use by the end user.


Change in Volume Licensing Policy from April 2009

To provide an away for businesses that rent PCs to end users to properly license Windows Vista® Business desktop operating system, Microsoft Office Standard 2007, and Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 on rented PCs, we are introducing new license SKUs to Volume Licensing:

  • Rental Rights for Windows Vista Business
  • Rental Rights for Office Standard 2007
  • Rental Rights for Office Professional Plus 2007
  • Rental Rights for Publisher 2007

Note: These license SKUs will be available through the commercial Open License, Select License, and Select Plus programs, under limited availability, see below


April 2009: Limited availability in countries listed below

Brazil, Russia, India, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea

Note: These new licenses do not replace customers’ underlying Windows®, Office or Publisher licenses (which grant them the right to use the software, but prohibit renting, leasing, or loaning the software.) They are additional SKUs which are License-only (L) that serve to modify the license terms for the qualifying Windows, Office, and Publisher licenses by waiving the prohibition against renting, leasing, or loaning.


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  1. This blog is very informative. I love blogging when it is for or about something I believe in. I also read news blogs often and find that it makes me feel more intelligent every time I read them. I also feel like I am a pretty good person who tries to treat others with respect, no matter what their opinion is. There are some real haters out there. Thanks again. I learned a few things about blogging. I will definitely put your site on my speed dial.Thanks

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