BPOS Promotions available until 30th June 2009


With the international launch of BPOS, see below the current promotions for the BPO Suite and BPOS Components

Details of the two promotions which run until 30th June 2009


Promo #1: BPOS Step-up promo – Available via MOSP only

Customer via MOSP (=>5 seats) who purchases either BPOS (full suite) or a BPOS components (e.g. Exchange Online) will be eligible to receive the Step-Up User Subscription License pricing whether they own the respective Client Access Licenses with Software Assurance or not. 


Promo #2: BPOS 10% promo  – Available to MOSP and Enterprise Agreement customers

Customers who purchase the BPO Suite will receive a 10% discount on their subscription


Additional conditions for both promotions:

  • Customers must sign up to the promotions by 30 June 2009
  • The discounted prices will apply for the whole of the first year of a customer’s subscription
  • Normal subscription prices will apply when the year’s subscription ends
  • For Partners – The promo prices do not impact the partner of record referral fees

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