Business Productivity Online Suite and Deskless Worker – What is on offer? How to License and were to buy

I have covered a little bit about Business Productivity Online Suite <BPOS> in a previous post, under the software+services banner, but, as we get ready to launch BPOS in the UK, its a good time to take a look at the offering, were and how to buy it, its actually really really straight forward………Yippppeee

What is BPOS and Deskless Worker?

BPOS Standard and Deskless Worker, Deskless Worker is a scaled down version of BPOS designed primarily for in frequent users of email, but who need to stay connected to their mail service or read posts on a SharePoint site, bear in mind that there is also BPOS Dedicated, this requires an SSL and is for greater than 5,000 seats, everything below is in relation to BPOS Standard and DeskLess Worker


How is BPOS and Deskless worker licensed?

As BPOS and Deskless worker are part of online services, they are licensed via User Subscription Licenses – USL or Step-Up User Subscription Licenses

A User Subscription License allows a designated user to access the online service for the duration of the subscription.  As an added benefit for existing Volume License customers, a USL also acts as a Client Access License (CAL) to enable access to your on-premise equivalents of the services.  For example, the SharePoint Online Standard USL also enables a user to access your SharePoint Standard server, as below. However, once the subscription ends so do the rights to access the server. 

USL – User Subscription License

  • User Subscription Licenses (USLs) are the only license type available, there are no device SLs
  • Provides non-perpetual rights to an Online Service with no buy-out rights
  • Does not require a prerequisite CAL with Software Assurance or Subscription license to purchase

Step-Up USL – Step-Up User Subscription License

  • Does require a prerequisite CAL under Software Assurance or Subscription license to purchase
  • Must continue to renew perpetual CAL & Software Assurance agreement to retain “step-up” rights
  • Customers who have a current EA with Core CAL or ECAL suite can buy “Step-Up USL” at a discounted price

Things to note:

  • Customers must be current on their software assurance payments to have rights to purchase the Step-Up USL
  • Customers must continue to renew SA on their existing licenses in order to remain eligible for the Step-Up USL
  • Customers who purchase the step-up retain rights to the perpetual CAL if they are in L&SA Agreement


Were to buy BPOS Standard and Deskless Worker

There are 2 ways to purchase BPOS Standard or Deskless Worker,through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program<<MOSP> or via an Enterprise Agreement, let me cover off the MOSP, then come back to the EA at the bottom

Option 1: Microsoft Online Subscription Program

Customers with existing Volume Licenses, including, Open, Open Value, Select, Select Plus can buy BPOS/Deskless Worker via MOSP, you cannot buy BPOS/Deskless worker through any VL program, except the Enterprise or Enterprise Subscription Agreement,  

In MOSP you can also purchase the individual components that make up the BPO suite,  if you do not want to take the entire suite.

All customers are considered new to the Microsoft Online Subscription Program and need to agree to and sign the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement. Even if you are an existing Microsoft Volume License customer, you still need to sign this agreement. The Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement covers Online Services sold through the program. You can sign this agreement through a simple digital signature and acknowledgement screen on the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal at


Microsoft Online Customer Portal

All MOSP orders for Microsoft Online Services are placed using an online shopping cart experience through the Microsoft Online Customer Portal at You will be linked to the Microsoft Online Customer Portal when you choose to ‘Buy’ or ‘Try’ an Online Service from

There is a five-user minimum requirement for an initial subscription order for a service. There is no minimum for additional subscription orders of the same service.

Note: You can trial the service, the minimum trial order is set at 20 users.

The subscription term length for all services is 12 months. The subscription automatically renews, unless you choose to opt-out of auto-renewal for the subscription at

Important Note: You should choose a qualified Microsoft Online Services Channel Partner to review your online services requirements and help configure a solution that meets your specific business needs, Your price is not affected when a Microsoft Channel Partner is designated in your order. A Microsoft Channel Partner can be identified for each individual service purchased on an order.


Option 2: Enterprise Agreement

Customers who have an existing or new Enterprise/ Enterprise Subscription Agreement can purchase the BPOS Standard or Deskless Worker through the EA without utilising the MOSP, BPOS and Deskless worker are added as an additional product placed through the LAR/ESA, exactly the same way as any other additional product purchases, you need to have either the Full Desktop or Enterprise platform or Core/ECAL w/SA Component Platform to avail of the “Step-Up USL” under your EA/EAS

USLs are not currently offered under EA, only Step-Up USL

Note: The individual components are not available via EA, only the BPOS Standard and Deskless Worker as complete suites, the individual components are available via MOSP


FAQs to note

If I already have an existing Volume License Agreement with Microsoft (Select License, Open Value, etc.), what happens with my existing Volume Licensing agreement when I make a purchase through MOSP on the Microsoft Online Customer Portal?

Your existing Volume Licensing Agreement remains intact. You are considered a new customer to the Microsoft Online Subscription Program and all purchases that you make through the program are licensed through the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement you are required to sign online.

Do I have to purchase the license separately from the service?

No. Licenses are sold as part of the online purchase process to gain access to the online services you wish to subscribe to. The license is a USL (user subscription license) which provides you the right to use the online service for as long as you subscribe.

Do I need to purchase Software Assurance for my Service Licenses?

No. Unlike on-premise licenses in which you buy Software Assurance to cover maintenance and upgrades, the online service USLs include rights to the most up-to-date software as long as you continue to pay the subscription fees.

Can a customer add users to their existing subscription at any time?

Yes. Customers can add users to their existing subscription at any time.

How do I add more licenses to my existing subscription?

You can add licenses to a subscription through the Microsoft Online Customer Portal using the “Manage Subscriptions” tab at

How do I reallocate licenses when my users change?

Licenses may be reallocated through the Microsoft Online Administration Portal (link available on the Microsoft Online Customer Portal) at

If my company is US-based, but has international users, does that matter?

We recommend that only US-based users be provisioned to use services since the services are provided from Microsoft data centers in the United States only. The user experience from elsewhere in the world via the internet may not be optimal..

If my subscription is automatically renewing, does the price remain the same?

Your subscription will renew at the current price at the time of renewal, not the previous contract price.

Will I get a price break for ordering a large volume of licenses?

Yes. Volume-level pricing is available based on seat commitments.

Who do I contact for help?

Please go to the Support link on the Microsoft Online Customer Portal at You can choose to submit a service request at this site or call a Customer Support Representative.


Next time………..Renewal options, billing and Pricing


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