Getting legal and Staying Legal – GGWA – The Volume Licensing Option for getting compliant


For many of you getting legal when you find that your copies of Windows Desktop Operating System are non-genuine can sometimes be difficult, should I buy Full Packaged Product? what if I have a lot of machines affected? will I need to reinstall? will I need to reactivate all my copies?

We now have a new Volume Licensing option for customers who find themselves in a non-compliant state, GGWA, see below for info regarding this offering and some common questions answered

Get Genuine Windows Agreement

GGWA is for small to large-sized organisations who would like to acquire a Windows legalisation solution through Volume Licensing, from 5 licenses upwards!

GGWA offers perpetual licences, Perpetual licences are everlasting and valid if the software is being used in accordance with the End User Licence Agreement requirements. On offer will be FULL copies of Windows XP Professional prior to 1 November, 2008 and Windows Vista Business after 1 November, 2008

GGWA offers customers the licence only and is not combined with Software Assurance, which must be purchased separately

Customers can acquire Software Assurance within 90 days of purchasing GGWA via the Open Licence, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Select Licence, Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription Volume Licensing programs, Software Assurance provides customers with many benefits, including new versions rights and technical support.

Example SKUs

    • 66J-07132           Windows Vista Business GGWA-LO <Large Org >750>
    • 66J-07148           Windows Vista Business GGWA-SMO <Small Med Org 5-749>

Note: Microsoft Online Services is not offered with GGWA.

Note that for GGWA: Small and medium-size organisations must purchase a minimum of five licences, Purchase minimum for large organisations varies by market for the UK this is 750+

Note: GGWA does not include disk kits. Customers can purchase media separately, If you are running non-genuine software, you will need to purchase media.

Large organisations must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • One-time purchase only
  • No transferability of licence – the licence applies only to the PC for which it was purchased.
  • Commit to legalising all out-of-compliance Windows PCs
  • Etc……….

Notes of Importance:

  • No Certificate of Authenticity is included. You will receive an electronic confirmation that the order has been processed. This order confirmation, combined with a copy of the agreement and proof of payment, constitutes proof of licence.
  • If you have another Volume Licensing agreement – Open Licence, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Select Licence, Enterprise Agreement, or Enterprise Agreement Subscription – you may track and monitor licences easily and conveniently via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre.
  • If you already have genuine software, no installation or activation is required.
  • If you are running non-genuine software, they will need to install the genuine version with media and activate it using the volume licence key.
  • Payment is due in full on order, Contact your Microsoft Authorised Distributor or Large Account Reseller for pricing information


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