Going Green – Digital By Choice and MS Virtualisation………..


Hi All

I think its always a good idea to work towards being environmental responsible, so check out the 2 initiatives below, licensing goes greener  🙂

All Volume licensing customers have the option to download products via VLSC, for most of you, this is so much faster than waiting for a disk kit

But did you know you can also choose to actually stop receiving physical media kits, on speaking to a lot of you at events this is a real bug bear, having lots of disks and boxes of updates to store under desks and in cupboards, and the worry and hassle of maintaining the inventory for compliancy and legal reasons, our new option, Digital by Choice is a way to free up some space and of course its excellent from an environmental and carbon footprint aspect……….

Check out Digital By Choice which is for all Volume licensing customers, you can simply "Opt-out" of physical media kits through this web site or via VLSC, you can even get your partner to do it on your behalf!

And also…………………

Check out how MS Virtualisation can help you to reduce costs and save energy, the calculator on www.hyper-green.com allows you to create an actual report once you plug in your own consolidation rate – excellent!


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