Getting Licensing Statements, Finding Volume License Keys, Downloading new Products and much more…. Introducing Volume Licensing Service Center


Key Benefits of VLSC

As of December 9, 2008, the VLSC licensing dashboard includes a notification area for site alerts, a Volume Licensing news and announcements section, and links to key tasks.

Accessing VLSC

Designed for midsize and enterprise businesses that accessed their Microsoft License Statements through Microsoft Volume License Services (MVLS) and Microsoft eOpen websites, VLSC provides a simpler interface and more robust features to help reduce time spent on licensing-related administrative tasks.


VLSC offers key benefits for licensed software management: Licensing information, composed of the Licensing Summary and the Relationship Summary.

  • · Licensing Summary. You can use VLSC to view current and past Microsoft License Statements across programs and agreements—all in simple format.
  • · Relationship Summary. VLSC includes a report that shows all Volume Licensing agreements associated to a user’s profile.
  • · Downloads.
    • Accelerated download speeds and a simple, secure user interface make it easy and safe for you to use VLSC to find the right product, based on your licensing entitlements.
  • · Product Keys.
  • o VLSC makes it easy for you to request product keys for the Windows Vista operating system, enables retrieval of volume license keys for all Microsoft licensed products, and provides access to technical support.
  • Software Assurance Benefits Summary.
  • o View the Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing benefits available across all agreements associated to a user’s profile.
  • o The Software Assurance Benefits Summary includes the total eligible quantity of benefits across all agreements, benefits that have not yet been used, and benefits that have not yet been activated.



Online Services.

o Access details about Microsoft Online Services subscriptions and how to manage them.


o Access details and management tools for Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet subscriptions.


o Access information about the VLSC site, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), and contact details for the Support Center.


Note: Select Plus details cannot be viewed in VLSC with this release. Select Plus details can be viewed in the existing MVLS reports.

Note: The Relationship Summary provides a consolidated summary of all licensing IDs associated with the user’s Windows Live ID when accessing VLSC


Does VLSC Replace MVLS or eOpen?

No. The services MVLS and eOpen provide today will be integrated and improved in future releases of VLSC.



  1. Hi EmmaIf My customer buys Office 2007 in Open, there in VLSC he\’ll only download Office? Or there will be all other products to download? I mean: this tool has the ability to only provide download to products acquired?What about Open Value, Select and EA cases?Tks, Rafael

  2. Hi rafaelVLSC will be the new interface for ALL VL programme including Open, OV, and Select/EAAll the new products will be on there for downlad, just bear in mind you should have a legal license for any of the products you will deploy from VLSCCheersEmma

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