Virtual Earth Volume Licensing Overview


So, I promised VE licensing quite a while ago, apologies for the delay, I have been spreading the word of licensing far and wide  🙂

Now to Virtual Earth/MapPoint Services

Virtual Earth is part of the Online Services offering in Volume Licensing, so its NOT available for Open customers, its available to EA/EAS/Select/OV customers

Licensing info and rules:

Step 1

VE is licensed Per User Subscription License <USL>, A USL is generally required to enable the functionality of a service for a particular named user, you need 1 for each user authenticated by your programs that access the service or any related software

Step 2

VE also requires a Services Subscription License <SSL>, An SSL is generally required to enable the functionality of a service across your entire organization.

Step 3

Add – On SL, which is usually optional, is generally required to enhance or “add on to” the functionality of a service across your entire organization. It is designed to scale costs as an organization consumes more services, in the case of VE, it covers UNAUTHENTICATED user access to the service through your programs and is based on billable transactions per month*


  • Each Add-on SL consists of either 100k or 1 million transactions per month
  • Customers may purchase multiple Add-on SLs in order to accrue more transactions per month. 
  • Unused transactions may be rolled over on a monthly basis up to the enrollment anniversary date. 
  • On the enrollment anniversary date, all unused transactions that have accrued up to that point [expire/are forfeited].
  • Likewise, customers may exceed the number of transactions accrued in a month, from month to month, as long as the total number of transactions used does not exceed the total number of transactions they will accrue in any year of their enrollment term. 
  • Customers must purchase additional Add-on SLs to cover prospective transactions as soon as they use the number of transactions they will accrue in any enrollment term year under existing Add-on SLs.

*Billable transactions.  Billable transactions are any transactions that use any of the following functions of the online service:  Find; FindAddress; FindByProperty; FindById; FindNearRoute; FindNearby; GetLocationInfo; ParseAddress; GetMap; CalculateRoute;  CalculateSimpleRoute; Load Standard Map; Load Traffic Map and later versions of these functions, as described in a software development kit for the online service. 

Additional Info that’s also important

Use of Content.

You may access and use the service and any functionality or content it provides if you:

  • use only methods and means of access that are documented in the SDKs;
  • Implement and use the GetClientToken mechanism as provided in the Virtual Earth Platform.

You may not:

  • · change any logos or copyright or other notices;
  • · use the online service to provide guidance based on the position or routing of multiple objects tracked using GPS or other sensor-generated methods;
  • · present or alert an end user to individual manoeuvres of a route in any way that is synchronized with the end-user’s sensor-based position along the route;
  • · to integrate any portion of the Virtual Earth Platform with any mapping platform other than the MapPoint Web Service as the primary road mapping source;
  • · copy, store, archive, or create a database of any content available in the online service.

Staging Environment. You may access and use up to 30,000 transactions per month in the MapPoint Web Service staging environment to develop, test and perform maintenance on your programs that use the online service…..

End User Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. The terms of use located at and the privacy notice at apply to end users of the service through your application…

VE is also available via retail…………..see this link for more info………………


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