MOSS FIS or MOSS CALs for External Users – What is the CAL Break even point?


I thought I would finish off my piece on MOSS as I am getting a lot of questions regarding MOSS FIS or CALs for external non-employee connections, which is it???

I want to be clear that the choice is down to the end customer, I can give you guidance on this based on cost of CAL against MOSS FIS, you do not have to choose MOSS FIS, you can certainly cover your external users with MOSS CALs if this is more cost effective for you to do

Below is the flow chart we use internally to advise on MOSS FIS v MOSS CALs

To determine whether to use CAL’s or MOSS FIS for external users, first determine whether MOSS Enterprise is needed.

Then determine the number of servers and divide the price of MOSS FIS by either the price of the MOSS CAL or the MOSS Standard CAL plus the MOSS Enterprise CAL.

– Break-even for MOSS Standard: Approx = 455 users per server

– Break-even for MOSS Standard plus Enterprise: Approx = 242 users per server


*Pricing quoted is a guide you should contact your reseller for applicable pricing to you and your region*

Hope this helps………………next post on Virtual Earth Licensing as I am getting increased requests for this info


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