Answers to Emails received


Hi Everyone

Apologies on the lack of postings, I have been very busy working on some MCP projects in Montreal

There are a few queries that I have been unable to respond to due to email restrictions, so they are below


If a customer wants someone to access their Exchange Server using Outlook Web Access.  Since they are accessing the Exchange Server from a client machine, do they need a CAL? Yes, having Exchange Standard CALs provides the right to use Outlook Web Access, so every user and/or device will require an Exchange CAL


We provide a solution which uses Win Server 2003 hosting 1 or 2 VMs running Win XP.  We would like to build the VMs and just duplicate on demand. Can we do this? How should we do this to keep legal. We don’t want to build the VMs every time if possible. We sell our solution globally, does that have any bearing? Can you guys get in contact with me again and provide an email address I can respond to, I am thinking that there are a number of ways to do the above and a few licensing options, would be happy to discuss further


I have a client which is a small school that are about to purchase a new server. They have 25 desktops which connect to a single server.
Please can you let me know if there are any academic licensing options available for windows server 2008 and exactly what licenses the school  will need to purchase for the setup mentioned above – We have specific licensing agreements and also academic priced SKUs – you can contact 0870 60 10 100 and they will help you with a partner and purchasing


I have just set up 2 node active passive sql 2005 against 2 x 2 processor nodes with a single instance  –  so have licenses for 2 procesors to cover. I now want to add some more instances maintaining the same active passive setup and am confused by licensing issues here is it possible to add instances to the current single configuration in a manner similar to a conventional server / sql server set up? – I am assuming the Q here is on the licensing rules, technically I have no idea if this possible but from a licensing perspective,

SQL 2005 – Running Instances of the Server Software. For each server to which you have assigned the required number of software licenses, you may run, at any one time, any number of instances of the server software in physical and virtual operating system environments on the licensed server. However, the total number of physical and virtual processors used by those operating system environments cannot exceed the number of software licenses assigned to that server and for the Fail-over Servers. For any operating system environment in which you run instances of the server software, you may run up to the same number of passive fail-over instances in a separate operating system environment for temporary support. The number of processors used in that separate operating system environment must not exceed the number of processors used in the corresponding operating system environment in which the active instances are running. You may run the passive fail-over instances on a server other than the licensed server.


Hope the above helps

For anyone else sending me queries please add an email that I can respond to – happy to answer any that come in




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