Software Asset Management – The advantages of having a good SAM practice


I think that everyone acknowledges software is one of the most valuable assets an organisation can own, well lets hope 🙂

But, if you don’t know what you have how can you make it work for you effectively and optimise your IT spend or resources?

With a Software Asset Management (SAM) programme in place, you could gain better control of your software estate and benefit from:

  • · Greater cost savings
  • · Free up budget for IT investment
  • · More visibility across your IT estate
  • · Better deployment of software to users
  • · Easier ongoing software management & compliance

We have designed a Software Asset Management (SAM) Programme to help you manage your software estate effectively.

Through the Microsoft SAM programme, you can benefit from a free consultancy session with a qualified SAM partner, free SAM Basics training and work with a partner to review your software assets, validate your licenses and gain a Microsoft recognised certificate to validate your software licenses for 12 months.

Read how one of our customers took advantage of the SAM Programme to assess and maintain their assets

To find out more about how Software Asset Management can help you click here



    Emma,   we currently run SQL Server 2005 standard edition as our standard.
    reading the Microsoft Volume Licensing Brief Application Server License Mobility (August 2008) the only SQL Server version mentioned is SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. 
    Is that correct ?  

  2. Hi Eddie
    In Per Processor mode only the Enterprise edition of the Server Applications are affected by this change
    In Per Server and CAL mode both SQL Server Std and Enterprise are affected by this new licensing change
    Hope this helps

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