Microsoft Select Plus – What’s it all about?


I have been hinting for a few months that we had an announcement around the corner, so here it is, we are introducing a new program, Select Plus

I know, I know, another new program, but does’nt Microsoft want to simply and reduce licensing contracts?  well the answer is YES we do, but we cannot get to nirvana without a little bit of "change" so bear with us, these changes are for the long term vision…!!

So what is Select Plus about, what’s the difference between Select and Select Plus and Enterprise Agreement and Select Plus, what’s the advantage to me as a customer?

Hopefully I will answer all or at least most of the above Qs in this blog

What is Select Plus?

Select Plus is the new program launching in the UK on October 1st 2008, this program is NOT an immediate replacement for Select, its a new offering designed for customers in the 250PC space who want a

  • Single, company-wide purchasing agreement and pricing,
  • Central reporting, SA and license management,
  • No agreement expiration,
  • Renewal and Automatic tiered discounting based on company-wide purchase volume with no forecasting
  • An Increase in value of SA by eliminating impact of purchasing timing, pro-ration


Select Plus, What is the SAME as Select?

  • 250PCs to be eligible for the program
  • Available as License, SA or License&SA
  • Software Assurance Membership
  • Access via MVLS
  • Pricing same as Select
  • Sold via large Account resellers
  • Pools A-D


Select Plus, What is DIFFERENT to Select?

  • Customer ID represents a single business entity
  • Manage and View all assets across the enterprise using that single Customer ID
  • Never expires
  • No Forecasting
  • Purchase minimums waived for customers with active EA, EA Subscription, or Campus and School Agreement
  • Automatic tiered pricing when next price level is achieved
  • Annual compliance level down by 1 pool max
  • Option to add full 36 months of Software Assurance, with no pro-ration


10 Reasons for you to buy through Select Plus

•Simple, one-page affiliate registration makes participation fast and simple.

•A single, enterprise-wide contract offers the same pricing level for all business units.

•The perpetual agreement term keeps renewals at the IT budget level rather than the boardroom level, with flexibility to buy as needed.

•Centralized and decentralized purchasing aligns with how the business works.

•Immediate price-level adjustments based on actual purchase volume across the organization helps ensure the right price.

•Provides a clear view of the entire license portfolio to support asset management and reporting.

•Software Assurance is available but not required. Get access to full value of benefits like training vouchers and deployment services.

•Manage migration from expiring agreements at any pace.

•Sign an EA and consolidate other agreements under a Select Plus for better manageability and a better overall price level for volume purchasing.

•Stronger support from Large Account Resellers (LARs) for purchasing guidance.


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