Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and Kidaro/MEDV Licensing


I am from the school of a picture speaks a 1000 words, and in the case of licensing, sometimes a pic puts it into perspective!

MDOP in a nutshell below,

The "new" feature with the star is Kidaro, renamed Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualistion<MEDV> Not to be confused with Windows Vista Enterprise Centralised Desktop <VECD>, oh the joy of acronyms eh!

Were the 2 differ, VECD is designed to provide a virtual OS solution, MEDV is designed to eliminate App to App and App to OS conflict in a virtual environment, so it sits very well inside the MDOP offering

Were the 2 are similar, SA is required on the Windows Client OS before you can subscribe to either VECD or MDOP<with MEDV>

The most important piece of info I want to portray is that MDOP is a subscription based per device offering, only available for customers who have active SA on the Windows Client OS, it actually builds on top of the Win Client OS

I cannot convey enough to you that moving forward with technology, new versions and new acquisitions we will leverage SA to "add" these features into existing products, Kidaro is a great example, whether you get the "right to use" or not will more than often come down to whether you have SA or not, so be aware of that when deciding about SA and make sure its not just a decision based on "do I want a new version in the next 3yrs or not", its now a much deeper conversation, I am prepared to help you out on this were possible, get in contact…….

Due for release in the next few months and customers on MDOP will get MEDV for free, anyone who wants to start deploying the technology simply signs up to MDOP subscription, provided they have active SA on there Windows Desktop OS!

Kidaro is no longer available as a product

I know all you techies want to know about licensing the cool feature of Kidaro were you can have the virtual machine on a USB stick, we are ironing out the legalities and licensing policy around this as I write, more to come in the not to distant future………


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