Software Assurance – How do I know my entitlement, How do I activate SA?


Software Assurance Entitlement

Finding out your SA entitlement depends on the agreement type that you purchased under, you need a passport login for access to the these sites


Open Agreements = eOpen

On the left hand pane you will find all the info that you need to view your license history, order a license statement, find your volume licensing keys and for new products there is also a products download option

We are now offering all the new products released from November 2006 on the eOpen web site for download, you no longer need to order a media kit

Please bear in mind you should have adequate license cover for the product before you install it

You will also find the transfer process forms for Open Licenses on eOpen, please remember that transferring Open licenses is slightly different to other agreements, its an all or nothing process, every license purchased under a single authorisation number must be transferred together, there is no license splitting permitted also a key point is on regions, Open is a regional program if licenses are purchased in the UK they can only be used/transferred within UK/EU-EFTA



Open Value/Select/EA/Campus/School = MVLS



On the left hand pane you will find all the info you need to view your agreements, profile, Microsoft license statement, MSDN benefit administration, Online Services Benefit Administration and Software Assurance Benefit Administration

Check out the below for Software Assurance benefit overview, the benefits require activation, you will not see any benefit to having SA unless you go to MVLS and activate your benefits, once activated you can redeem the benefit, so you can print off the training vouchers and use them at a CTECH centre of your choice, maybe get a few of the IT staff MCP qualified for free………

Select and EA transfer process I have put into this document, your partner will be in a position to advise on this further





If you are not clear on the activation process, below I have put a click through to the online training

Your partner and account manager is also on hand to walk you through this process if that’s what you need

You can also give your partner permission to manage these benefits on your behalf

Each company should nominate 1 central Benefits Administrator, if you like you can split out and have different people manage different benefits, if that works better for you and your company



Activating Software Assurance Benefits

 Did you know: Your partner can manage your SA benefits on your behalf


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