Software Assurance – What is it all about?



Software Assurance is a lifecycle maintenance plan, it is NOT just "new version rights", If you think its just new rights, then please read on………..

Below I have covered off each stage of the Lifecycle and the SA benefit associated with this

I want to cover off the programs that have SA "built-in" and the programs that have SA as "an option", the SA benefits are dependant on the program, so we will also look at this

A key question I get is what is dependant on having active SA and what is not, again, we will cover this also



How can I get SA?

Open and Select are the only 2 Agreements that SA is Optional

All other agreements have SA built into the offering

Please also note that the agreements are perpetual <everlasting> and non-perpetual <rented>

And also that some agreements are ALL PCs!!!

OEM and FPP permit SA attach within 90days of Purchase for System and Servers

OEM Applications can also have SA attach within 90days of purchase

**When you purchase License in Volume Licensing, you must attach SA at the same time!


What are the Benefits?


SA gives you the benefit of spreading your license costs over the term of your agreement…………

DDPS and SDPS<New> helps Enterprise customers to execute a thorough desktop deployment project, by supplying the necessary analysis, business case, process and technical procedures. This service enables customers to maximise the return on their desktop-deployment investments eligible customers receive a 1 to ten-day desktop deployment planning service based on their Software Assurance expenditure on Office software.

ELearning provides training and demonstrations, Employees can take interactive modules and tutorials on various applications at anytime at their own PC, even offline, you do not have to remove eLearning on SA expiration, you will not however receive anymore updated training CDs

Home Use Program – If you have employees who work from home on home PCs, HUP provides to them a copy of Office for this PC, they simply go to a secure site, put in there details, pay for shipping and the CD is sent to there home, its FPP and dependant on having active SA, once SA is expired the copy should be removed, the onus is on the employee NOT the employer to remove the Office when SA expires or the employee leaves the company

Cold Server Backups permit you to patch manage, configure and switch off a server, ready for DR, Cold Server does not cover warm or hot backup – check out the Brief on this

24×7 Support can be switched by your TAM for premier support instances!

Windows Vista Enterprise is an SA only benefit, it provides rights to 4 virtual OS on the licensed device


Benefit offering by Agreement












Key – W – Windows, A – Applications, S- Server


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