Licensing Programs – Annual/Annuity and Split Payments – Open Value and Enterprise Agreements


Programs designed to help you manage cash flow and license payment are usually also programs that you must standardise on, standardise means to choose at least 1 of the components, so Windows, office or CAL for ALL of the qualified desktops* you have, standardising equals desktop price not license price, so you know how much you will over the term and also if you add additional devices to the agreement


Open Value – OVS/OVCW – Small and Med Business – Split Payment/Annuity

Open Value Company Wide and Open Value Subscription are based on standardising, you must cover ALL the PCs you have in order to qualify for these program’s

Open Value is based on Platforms

Small Business Platform and Professional Platform, you may mix and match the components, but bear in mind, unless you take the full platform you will not be entitled to the discount

Open Value requires at least 5PCs to join to the program, usually to a max of 250PCs, in EMEA we have an additional price discount for more than 250PCs on an OV CW/OVS agreement

Open Value CW you can add desktops, OVS you can add and REMOVE desktops at anniversary, you cannot go lower than the program minimum, so 5PCs

You can add additional products at any time during the agreement term


Enterprise and Enterprise Subscription – EA/EAS – Large Organisation – Split Payment/Annuity

Enterprise and EAS are also based on standardising, so if you do not want to go 100% on your PCs with 1 or more component offered EA/EAS is not the correct agreement for you

Bear in mind that EA/EAS is based on a desktop price, not a licensing price, so the more desktops you bring into the agreement, the better pricing deal you will receive

EA/EAS is also based on Platforms, at least 250PCs are required to join

Professional Desktop and Enterprise Desktop, you may mix the Office component, so 20% Office Enterprise, 80% Office Pro Plus, You CANNOT mix the CALs, its 100% ECAL Suite or 100% Core CAL Suite……..discussed on this blog entry

You can ADD desktops in an EA, you can ADD and REMOVE in an EAS, so if you have seasonal business needs, an EAS may work out more economical for you than an EA, you cannot go lower than the program minimum on an EAS, so 250PCs


I want to stipulate out exactly what the options are at the end of a Subscription Agreement so everyone is clear and not left in a state of non-compliancy

End of EA Subscription or OV Subscription

  • Renew the Agreement for an additional term
  • Buy-out the licenses, making them perpetual
  • De-install all the software
  • Sign up to an alternative Licensing Agreement


Did you know: The subscription offerings will offer discounting due to the fact they are non-perpetual

Did you know: ALL the agreement above have Software Assurance <SA> built into the program……..more on SA later


*Qualified Desktop – Customers must order licences for company-wide products for all qualifying devices

The following devices are optional:

  • PCs that are used as a server
  • Devices that contain an embedded operating system such as thin clients and Pocket PCs
  • Devices that are only used for a line of business application

If licences are not ordered for these devices, required licences must be ordered through another agreement type



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