Licensing Programs – Transactional – Pay as you go Licensing – Open and Select Agreements


Volume Licensing Programs are covered on all the licensing UK pages, this is a different approach 🙂

Firstly I want to be very clear on Volume Licensing, were it can be used and for whom

VL is internal only licensing, it can be used for the legal entity who purchase it, plus there legal affiliates, as we define*, please bear in mind that Open and Open Value are territory agreements and Select/EA are "global" Agreements, it cannot be used to cover non affiliates nor to provide any type of hosted services

We have VL to cover off the many many different size businesses who want to deploy MS Products, there are numerous advantages to Volume Licensing, which I will cover off next time

I want to cover off Licensing agreements that are pay when you install – transactional, and then I will cover off the programs that allow you to split the payments, usually on an annual basis, so you basically know what you are paying over the term of the agreement, if cash flow is an issue, there is always MS Financing!


Transactional – Open Volume, Open Business, Open Charity and Select Agreements

Based on Points and Pools, the more points you have in a Pool, the better the pricing level you will get from Microsoft

Open Program

To start an Open Business Agreement you need any 5 licenses OR a Proc license OR an MSDN subscription, please bear in mind that 5xSA will also start an Open Business Agreement

Open Volume is based on the number of Points that you bring into the agreement via the Pools, the 3 pools are System <Windows Desktop OS>, Applications <Office> and Servers <Windows Server OS>

Bringing 500 Points into any or ALL pools = Open Volume Pricing

Open is up front payment regardless of having SA, pay when you purchase


Select Program

To start a Select Agreement you need to have at least 250PCs as a guide, Select is based on PC Count, forecasting and Points value

Same as Open you have 3 Pools, you can take 1,2 or all 3 Pools, each product brings its own point value, based on the number of products you bring = the number of points = the price level per pool

Each anniversary we assess the actual points you have reached and re-assess as necessary – up or down

Select + SA permits you to spread the payments over the agreement term, Select License only is pay in the month of install…….



Did you know – In Volume Licensing, if you want SA you must add it at the time of License purchase, you cannot add it on later !

* An affiliate organisation is one that is more than 50% owned by the main customer, Customers and their affiliates in the European Union and European Free Trade Association can share an agreement – Open and OV, Customers can choose how to handle affiliates when entering into an agreement based on entity wide standardisation


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