Product High-Light – Office 2007 – OEM Office and Software Assurance, what do I get?


Attaching SA to OEM will normally give you the extended rights associated with purchasing via Volume Licensing

SA must be attached within 90days!! – very important

Lets look at OEM Office, the versions you can attach SA to, and what that actually means, its not a straight OEM Office Pro = VL Office Pro!!!!!!

The components of OEM are NOT the same as VL Office, so we compromise, below

Enrolment of OEM Office 2007 Licenses into Volume Licensing

Software Assurance is available through a variety of Volume Licensing programs. Customers wanting to acquire Software Assurance for certain Office licenses acquired from an OEM may do so in the Open License and Select programs within 90 days from the date those licenses are acquired. Customers under Open Value may acquire Software Assurance for licenses within 90 days from the date those licenses are acquired (this does not apply to the Open Value Company-wide option).  

By acquiring Software Assurance coverage for an OEM copy of the Microsoft Office system, the customer is eligible to “step into” the highest level edition of Office that includes every component included in the Volume Licensing edition: The following table shows this mapping of OEM versions to volume licensing versions when Software Assurance is purchased

Did you know: OEM Office Professional 2007 maps to Office Standard 2007 rather than Office Professional Plus 2007. This is because Office Professional Plus 2007 contains several components (e.g., Office InfoPath 2007), which are not present in the OEM version of Office Professional 2007.

Did you know: On enrolling OEM licenses into the Microsoft Volume Licensing Program, customers are eligible to purchase Step-up Licenses to either Office Professional Plus 2007 or Office Enterprise 2007.

Some historical Info – Office 2003 + SA

Customers who choose to acquire Software Assurance for their OEM Licenses of Microsoft Office Systems 2003 and later versions, will receive the additional benefits of volume licensing, only OEM Office Pro 2003 and OEM Office SBS 2003 apply for SA attach

These additional benefits are:

  • Reassignment Rights: Customers may "reassign" a license* and Software Assurance** from one desktop to another.
  • Re-imaging Rights: Customers may use the re-imaging deployment tools available with licenses acquired via volume licensing.
  • Microsoft InfoPath™***: Microsoft InfoPath 2003 helps teams and organizations gather and share information by creating rich, dynamic Extensible Markup Language (XML)–based forms. Business users can more easily collect, access, and reuse information with InfoPath so that they can make better informed decisions. For more information on Microsoft InfoPath, please refer to:

* A License may not be reassigned on a short term basis.

** Software Assurance generally may be reassigned, so long as it is not separated from the License for which it was originally acquired.

*** Microsoft InfoPath is only included in Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Enterprise Edition and is only available through volume licensing programs.

Q. If I acquire Software Assurance for an OEM Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition license, am I granted a license for the Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Enterprise Edition that is offered in volume licensing only and includes Microsoft Office InfoPath?

A. Yes, if a customer acquires Software Assurance for an OEM Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition license, they receive rights to Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Enterprise Edition, which includes Microsoft Office InfoPath.


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