Product Highlight – Attaching Software Assurance to the Windows Desktop OS – Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate


Attaching Software Assurance to Windows Vista Business provides the right to deploy Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate, as here 

One of the main benefits is in relation to Virtualisation, I talked about Vista Enterprise and VECD in a previous blog, so If you you haven’t seen it, its here

The important question is, which "bits" stay when the SA is not renewed on Windows Vista

So, Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate use rights are perpetual for the life of the device that was covered with SA when the products were available. This means, that if a customer had active SA coverage while Vista Enterprise was available, it can be installed on that device.

If you drop SA coverage on that device, Vista Enterprise can continue to run for the life of that device: as below

Rights that stay!

Perpetual Use Rights (do not require active SA agreement)

  • Windows Vista Enterprise, including 4 differentiating features:
  • · BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • · Licensing Rights to 4 Virtual Operating Systems
  • · Subsystem for Unix-based Applications (SUA)
  • · Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI)
  • Rights to Windows Vista Ultimate edition

Rights that expire!

Non-perpetual (require active SA agreement)

Did you know – With the launch of Vista, MUI is a feature of Windows Vista Enterprise.

Did you Know – Windows Vista ULTIMATE OEM/FPP has MUI "built-in"

You must have an EA/SA agreement in order to get Windows Vista Enterprise.

You may not install Windows Vista Enterprise on replacement PCs after their EA/SA agreement expires. If you want to run Windows Vista Enterprise on replacement PCs, you must either renew SA or attach SA onto the new OEM PC purchase.

Tip: Windows Vista Enterprise is not a separate SKU it is an SA benefit, it requires activation on MVLS or eOpen, once activated the media will ship out to the SA Benefits Administrator in your company, always activate Windows Vista Enterprise so you get the media shipped out.

Tip: Windows Vista Ultimate is provided as FPP media with NO VLK, it cannot be used to re-image company wide, each install requires activation web or phone


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