Activating Exchange Hosted Services/Online Services – How to “switch” it on!!


Well I got an email today from Steve having some issues getting EHS activated, hopefully the email back to you Steve sorted the problems

Firstly I want to stress that the below is in relation to Online Service products purchased via volume licensing agreements, so Select/EA/Campus etc

You need to have Benefits and Online Services access on MVLS 

If you do not have access or an account then you need to engage your benefits administrator who will add you to the agreement

Once logged onto MVLS its all very straight forward

See how to Activate SA Benefits

On the left hand pane you will see Online Services Administration – Click

This takes you to Online Services Summary, you will see exactly what you have paid for, you will also see "Activate NOW"

Click on the service, follow the instructions, ALL DONE

See the PDF on this

And the Full Guide



  1. We had an issue activating Exchange Hosted Archiving in 2011. The automated email from Microsoft invited us to activate Exchange Hosted Services via the MVLS site, and then in the table of purchased services at the base of the email listed Exchange Hosted Archive. In July 2011, EHA had been removed from the price list and was sold to us via an exceptions process. When I logged into MVLS there were no subscriptions showing as awaiting activation. The EHA licences were however, listed as ‘active SA quantity’ 2000 and ‘unresolved SA quantity’ 0. I assumed they were active, but we later discovered they were not activated. MS is now saying they could have been activated via MVLS at that date. I am very confident they were not showing on the site. The rest of our BPOS subscription licences were listed on the MCOP site which is where we managed our online subscriptions. I would love to be able to prove this error was MS’s not mine. Any thoughts.

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