Licensing Training Material uploaded to SkyDrive

I have added SkyDrive, wonderful, 5 whole GB of space
There are some materials on there for you to view
  • Software Assurance benefits and overview
  • Program Licensing Concepts – Basic
  • Product Licensing Concepts – Basic
I will add Deep Dive Program material on Enterprise and Select Agreements in the next few days
Drop me a mail on any topics you would like to see material on
There PDF so manageable
Hope this helps




  1. Hi EmmaFirst, a sincere appreciation for your blog, its really fantastic.Would you mind to share the Licensing Material ( as shown above ) at, as there is no link available at your post.And, is there any PDF or any file which gives the differences between OEM VS FPP VS VL. Your prompt action is highly appreciable.Thank You!Santosh Kumar.Ch

  2. Hi Emma,

    Very good and informative site that you have here! You are well respected among my colleagues here in Microsoft Norway.

    How do I Access this material you mention here? I would very much like to see it.

    Best Regards


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