Office Communication Server 2007 – How to License and OCS CAL Functionality


I am curently at the EMEA Licensing Summit in Berlin, so posts are a little erratic this week…..

OCS 2007 is licensed in per Server and CALs mode

You need a Server license for each running instance of OCS on the server and CALs for every User and Device accessing the services of the OCS Server

Did you know – OCS CAL does not provide Office Communicator, Office Communicator Client is offered standalone or as part of Office Pro Plus/Enterprise

Did you know – Communicator Web Access and Communicator Mobile are offered as part of the OCS CAL


OCS Client Access Licenses <CALs> are offered in 2 flavours, as above

OCS Standard CAL and OCS Enterprise CAL, Standard CAL will give you basic functionality, as below, Enterprise CAL fits on top of Standard CAL to give Enterprise functionality, both CALs are required to provide Enterprise functionality

Customers with active Software Assurance <SA>: Customers that have active Software Assurance (SA) on Office LCS CALs and Office LCS Servers at release of the OCS 2007 CALs on VL price lists will maintain their rights to install Office Communicator 2007 without purchasing Office Pro Plus 2007, Office Enterprise 2007 or the Office Communicator 2007 standalone license.  If customers maintain active OCS Standard CAL SA through the release of the next version of Office Communicator, they will also have the right to that version of Office Communicator when it is released.


The following usage scenarios for OCS will require that CAL licenses be in place for each user or device:

  • Users with IM identities hosted on the OCS Server
  • Users with OCS voice extensions
  • Users creating and launching a web conference
  • Users attending a web conference

The following usage scenarios for OCS will NOT require that CAL licenses be in place for each user or device:

  • Users receiving a call from an extension hosted on the OCS Server
  • Non OCS users placing a call to an extension hosted on the OCS Server
  • Public network or federated users with an OCS user

Hope this helps

OCS Migration Plans Next time……………….



  1. Hi Emma, Can you clarify the rules around the following. If a customer acquires a Windows Server 2008 version and uses their volume agreement rights to downgrade to Windows Server 2003, can I confirm that the licensing requirements are still 2008 rules as the purchased server was 2008 and not 2003 and that they would indeed require Windows 2008 CAL’sMark

  2. Hi MarkI am not sure I understand were you are going with the Q, so please come back to me if this is not answeringIf they buy Windows 2008 Server licenses and choose to deploy Windows 2003 instances in place of windows 2008 instances then they may use Windows 2008 CALs or Windows 2003 CALs to connect to that serverThe highest server version sets the CAL requirement, a few caveats on this regarding virtualisation/hypervisor, all this detail is at PUR levelHope this helpsEmma

  3. Hi Emma,Your saying the highest server version sets the CAL requirement, then surely that should be 2008 CAL\’s as the original acquired server was a 2008 Server. The fact that they utilise the volume agreement to apply downgrade rights should not alter what they have purchased. How can a prior purchased 2003 CAL be allowed to access it?Mak

  4. Hi Emma,

    I have been asked to implement a Communicator system for a network of schools. Imagine one person from one school wants to create a conference to speak to parents… Does this imply that I need a CAL for each potential parent or just for the user creating the conference?. Can I invite people from outside my school to attend a virtual meeting even if they don’t have an account in the OCS system?. Sorry for such a basic questions but it seems I don’t really understand the uses of Communicator (I know about Live Meeting if you want to compare).

    Thanks in advance.

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