Product Licensing HighLight – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – MOSS 2007


In keeping with the Standard CAL and Standard+Enterprise CAL I have decided to cover off MOSS 2007 simply because the licensing and offering has changed dramatically from the old SPS 2003

MOSS has gone from 1 to 6 offerings:

MOSS Server 2007 – Top Product – Licensed in Server + CAL Mode, choice of MOSS Standard or MOSS Standard + MOSS Enterprise CAL

MOSS for Internet Sites – The MOSS EC or MOSS FIS as we call this internally, Licensed per Server, for external non-employee access only!

MOSS For Search Standard and MOSS for Search Enterprise, Licensed per Server, choice based on scalability, the more you want to search the higher the edition

MOSS Forms – Licensed per Server + Forms CAL

MOSS Forms for Internet Sites – Licensed per Server, for external non-employee access


MOSS 2007 is just MOSS there is no SKU STD or ENT, if you want Enterprise functionality for the clients, you need to install using an Enterprise Key, its switches on the Enterprise features of MOSS, once switched on, every client that connects and utilises the Enterprise features needs to have an Enterprise CAL to go with the Standard CAL


Bear in mind its technically impossible to “downgrade” from Enterprise functionality to Standard functionality once you have used the Enterprise Key and enabled the features.



Did you know – MOSS For Search Standard can search up to half a million documents

Lets look at the breakdown of the CAL functionality for MOSS

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard CAL: Enables a user to access the collaboration, portal, search, and enterprise content management capabilities of Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise CAL: An additive CAL that provides additional capabilities for line of business data search, business process and forms capabilities (such as Web-based Microsoft Office InfoPath forms) and business intelligence capabilities (including report center sites, the ability to build interactive dashboards, and Excel Services).

The Enterprise CAL is required on top of the Standard CAL when Business Data Integration, Business Process Forms, Business Intelligence, Business Data Search or any Enterprise features are enabled on a server, clients accessing that server, or farm of servers, should have a valid Enterprise CAL in addition to their Standard CAL when accessing the enterprise functionality.


Full Product comparison guide


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