Welcome to my Blog

Hello all and welcome to my blog
I have never had a blog, so please be patient
A little about me 
I work at Microsoft as the Licensing Escalation Manager for the UK
Licensing – the best job in the world!!!
Why I have started a blog, well I want to build a better Microsoft licensing "community" and that includes all and everyone and unravel some of the mysteries surrounding Microsoft Licensing


  1. Dear Emma,First of all let me show my appreciation for the wonderful blog you have written and all doubts clear. One doubt but I didnt know where to look & I wanted to recheck this before I slate this news to the customer. The Story below In a nutshell – When you buy Dynamics Axapta 2009 you get MOSS Free!!!"For $395.00 the customer may license one named-user DCO-MOSS. With this license the customer not only receives the Connector and an Enterprise Portal user per the DCO-WSS, but also receives either a standard or enterprise CAL for MOSS. That’s right – an enterprise CAL for MOSS. This is a great deal for the customer as they can get the maximum functionality that is delivered from the broadest SharePoint license. So, the DCO-MOSS includes all of the above features of the DCO-WSS plus the MOSS Server and either a Standard or Enterprise CAL per named user."I dont know the authenticity of the above statement and I need to know if this is true how do I acquire this from the Distributor?Best Regards,Girish J Bhatia

  2. Hi GirishThanks for the lovely comments!I can hoepfully clear this one up for you very simplyThere are 2 versions of DCO1. WSS – No MOSS2. with MOSSThe option 2, is the pricing you have listed below, the way it works is, if I buy DCO with MOSS, and I currently have NO MOSS in my infrastructure, I get MOSS Server + MOSS STANDARD CALsIf I already own MOSS Server + MOSS Standard CALs and I buy DCO with MOSS, I get MOSS Enterprise CALs to add to my Standard CALsIf I have MOSS Std+Ent CALs there is no point me buying DCO with MOSS, I am better to buy DCO without MOSSReally hope this helpsEmma

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